TAG Heuer Fake Watches Baselworld 2014 : V4, from whirlwind to tourbillon

— In the wake of certain indiscretions on the new Monaco V4 hinted at in our columns last week, the spotlight was firmly trained on the TAG Heuer Replica Watches UK booth at the Baselworld opening: here comes the Monaco V4 Tourbillon.

This new release is all about uniting symbols, as micromechanics enters a whole new dimension. The mechanism most vividly embodying Haute Horlogerie meets the epitome of innovation at TAG Heuer. For the first time in the centuries-old history of Swiss Rolex Replica watchmaking, the tourbillon is driven by a micro-belt.

Above and beyond the technological feat it embodies, this innovation delivers two key assets to the mechanism and thus to the wearer of this exceptional timepiece. First of all, the belt driving the tourbillon carriage serves to avoid the latter recoiling. As Guy Semon, director of the TAG Heuer Haute Horlogerie vision points out: “a belt drive naturally absorbs energy and serves as a very efficient shock absorbing system” – a fact that is especially useful on often sensitive models such as timepieces equipped with a tourbillon.

As a further guarantee of the robustness of such products, TAG Heuer submits all its Haute Horlogerie models to the same resistance tests as its standard collection. A first series of 50 is liable to be snapped up by collectors and devotees of mechanics in all its forms.


La Monaco V4 Tourbillon, un joli cadeau pour le 10e anniversaire de cette ligne culte.
© TAG Heuer Fake Watches UK

Is it possible to equip a 3% carbon flexible 8 mm ring with 360 teeth? If we are talking about one of the four belts on the Monaco V4, of which the thinnest is just 0.07 mm wide, the answer is yes. One of them in fact connects the two  barrels inclined at a 13° angle, and mounted for the first time on ball bearings. The 214-part movement with its 40-hour power reserve is visible from both sides of the Breitling Replica watches. The tourbillon rotates at a rate of once a minute and the visual effect is highlighted by a Côtes de Genève motif adorning the DLC-coated mainplate and bridges – and thus accentuating the modern architecture of this timepiece along with the powerful personality of its polished titanium case.

Capitalising on the success of the first series in gold, platinum and titanium sold since 2009, the brand is aiming to reach the milestone of the 500th Monaco V4 sold by the end of 2014 –a fitting gift for the 10th anniversary of this cult line.


The 214-part movement with its 40-hour power reserve is visible from both sides of the watch.
© TAG Heuer

Details of the movement.
© TAG Heuer Fake Watches

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