Richard Mille Replica Watches RM27-02: Quartz, but not as we know it

— Quartz? In a replica Richard Mille UK timepiece, how is this possible? Read on to find out…

Just like Yohan Blake in the 100 metres, Felipe Massa on the Formula 1 circuit, Bubba Watson on the golf course and Sébastien Loeb behind the wheel of whatever he happens to be driving, Rafael Nadal wears his replica Richard Mille watches every time he competes. It’s simple: if you want to be a Richard Mille partner, you have to wear the watch, however violent and stressful for it your chosen discipline may be.

For Richard Mille replica watches the brand, the complicated part is ensuring that its highly technical timepieces can take such rough treatment in their stride. But Cheap Replica Richard Mille the man, famous for throwing one of his tourbillons at the wall of a meeting room to prove its resistance in the early days of the brand, seems to have a knack for constant innovation that keeps this capability intact and his brand always one step ahead of the competition.

The distinctive colour and texture of the RM27-02’s case come from a mixture of NTPT(R) carbon and TPT(R) quartz.
© Richard Mille

Unibody for ultimate resistance

The latest example comes in the RM27-02 and its new manually-wound tourbillon calibre. For the first time, Richard Mille has used a combined “unibody” baseplate and caseband in NTPT® carbon, a tough material that the brand has already used in its collection because of its excellent resistance to micro-cracks and splits. There is, therefore, no longer a case middle to the watch and the bezel and case back are assembled directly on to this unibody baseplate. The idea, like that for many of the innovations at Richard Mille, comes from the world of motor racing, where this type of construction offers greater rigidity and greater resistance to impacts – ideal for a watch that will be worn on the wrist of a tennis player capable of hitting a serve at up to 135 miles per hour!

But for Rafael Nadal to be able to wear this watch at all during a tennis match, it must be extremely lightweight as well as highly resistant. So, in spite of being mounted on its own shock absorbers, the movement weights just 3.35 grammes thanks to its lightweight skeleton design and titanium bridges. Nevertheless, even with its fast rotating barrel for improved performance, the manually-wound RM27-02 tourbillon calibre still offers a power reserve of around 70 hours.

Didn’t you mention quartz?

UK Replica Richard Mille took its collaboration with North Thin Ply Technology one step further for the case (or rather the bezel and case back) of the new RM27-02. The ground-breaking new material developed by the duo mixes the NTPT® carbon with TPT® quartz, which consists of over 600 layers of quartz fibres that are saturated in a white resin and then inserted between the layers of the NTPT® carbon, rotating each layer through 45° degrees in the same procedure used to produce the NTPT® carbon itself. Aside from giving a distinctive colour and a unique finish (machining reveals the layers of fibre at random on each piece) to the end product, the quartz fibres also offer the benefits of excellent strength, resistance to high temperatures and transparency to electromagnetic waves.

The solid case back of the Richard Mille RM27-02.
© Richard Mille Fake Watches UK

For the ultimate lightweight touch, the limited-edition RM27-02 (only 50 will be made) comes with a Velcro strap, in a colour not dissimilar to that of the clay found on the courts at Roland Garros.