Rare Rolex Datejust Replica Watch With Royal Purple Arabic Numerals Hour Markers

Many watch lovers favor the Rolex Submariner very much. However, the models of Rolex that catch my eyes should be with the silver dial with diagonal motif pattern and the hour markers should be sometimes purple and sometimes blue. Meanwhile, if the bezel is fluted, that will be perfect. However, such a distinctive fake Rolex is very difficult to find.

The hour markers are three-dimensional and eye-catching.

Oystersteel Bracelet Replica Rolex

I came across the Rolex Datejust copy with Oystersteel case which has been equipped with the dial that exactly what I wanted. The diagonal motif and Arabic numerals are perfect. It is a regret that the bezel is smooth instead of the fluted bezel that I am much more interested in.

The dial of this Datejust is distinctive and charming.

Rolex Datejust Copy With Silver Dial

The highlight of the elegant knockoff watch must be the Arabic numerals hour markers. They sometimes look blue while sometimes look purple. Meanwhile, they are three-dimensional, sporting a distinctive look of dynamic style. So this timepiece will be suitable for both the formal occasion and casual occasion.

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