Kerbedanz Quintum Swiss Replica Watches

— Quintum replica watches for sale from Kerbedanz is inspired by ancient chinese mythology.

“Quintum minute repeater” draw its origin from the ancient Chinese civilisation and represents the five elements or the four cardinal points seen from the earth: the water in the north, represented by the Turtle enlaced by the black Snake; the metal to the west, represented by the white celestial Tiger; the Fire in the south, figured by the Chinese Red Phoenix or the red Bird Vermilion; the Wood in the east, represented by the blue-green or turquoise Dragon; and finally the Earth in the center, represented by the yellow Unicorn or Qi-Lin, a kind of chimera.

Quintum comes in a 45 mm polished and satin-finished 18K rose gold case. On the dial made from solid rose gold in two-layers feature visual animations with the movements of the leg of Qi-Lin, the wings of the Vermilion Bird and the oscillations of the Turtle enlaced by the Snake. The case as well as the dial are designed, manufactured and hand decorated by Kerbedanz.

Quintum minute repeater.
© Kerbedanz

The timepiece is powered by a mechanical hand-wound tourbillon KRB-05 calibre, minute repeater and animations, designed, manufactured and decorated by Kerbedanz, La Fabrique du Temps and Concepto. The cheap replica Rolex watches beats at a frequency of 21,600 vib/h, while enjoying a 100-hour power reserve.

Quintum is fitted with an alligator mississippiensis leather strap equipped with a rose gold folding clasp with a special Kerbedanz design. The fake Rolex watches is a limited edition of 2 unique pieces.

Quintum’s sketch.
© Kerbedanz