Replica Jeager-LeCoultre Watches UK Reverso One Réédition

Forever Watches UK Online — The Reverso One Réédition pays tribute to femininity. Introduced during the SIHH, this replica watch sends us straight back to the 30s’.

The Reverso One Réédition is quite simply that perfect LBD you’ve always dreamed of. It’s is a woman’s faithful ally and enhances her seductive appeal, exactly like the famous little black dress that has become a true fashion heroine and was born in the same age as the Reverso. The Reverso One Réédition adopts the iconic design codes of the inspirational 1930s model, starting with its understated black dial. The exquisite proportions of its mini-sized case exercise such a powerful charm that one soon cannot bear to be without it. This irresistible charm extends right the way to its slender topstitching-free alligator leather strap, while its back gives free rein to the imagination by providing space on which to engrave names, personal mantras or intimate messages.

Its balanced proportions invite that unique gesture, as a finger gently pivots the case. This can be done for the sheer pleasure of this smooth and intensely personal move, or else to reveal unexpected delights such as a second dial or an area that can be personalised by special words and secrets. On the dial of the Reverso One, the new Arabic numerals radiate a sense of airy lightness, as if they had been handwritten in a lively, buoyant script. The Dauphine-type hour and minute hands sweep across an extremely subtle sunburst guilloché background exuding an aura of elegance that is a sure token of natural elegance. The four corners of the UK Swiss fake watch face evoke its proud heritage, while the case features the same slightly cambered profile of the historical models that gently hugged the wrist. Without excessive nostalgia, Jeager-LeCoultre managed to take inspiration from the past that suits women of today.

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