Evolution History Of UK Luxury Rolex GMT-Master II Super Clone Watches

The Rolex GMT super clone hands of all models in the fake GMT-Master collection are combined with the hour hand. When adjusting the hour hand, the GMT hand will also rotate and align with the reference time (GMT/UTC). Therefore, the wearer must rotate the bezel to trace the second time zone.

The black and red bezel makes the fake GMT-Master II more eye-catching.

Swiss Luxury Fake Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 16760

In 1982, AAA luxury Rolex replica released a new movement that made the hour hand to be independent from other hands. In order to avoid confusion with GMT-Master, the watch equipped with the new movement had been named as best quality replica Rolex GMT-Master II.

The first model of GMT-Maser II is ref.16760. The super clone Rolex GMT-Master II ref.16760 with black dial features an iconic black and red bezel. What’s more, it was also the first GMT Oyster steel watch that is equipped with sapphire crystal.

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