Earl Gong perfect curtain call to join the Shanghai International Film Festival

Earl Gong perfect Replica Watches For Sale curtain call to join the Shanghai International Film Festival

The 17th Shanghai International Film Festival shines concluded. “Jin Jue Award” Gong Li led the first female president of the jury Film Festival Jury, the eight award-winning film and were awarded filmmaker. Greek film “Little England” monopolize best film, best director and best actress three awards. Gong Li is the perfect curtain call Earl accompany the festival.

Earl Gong perfect curtain call to join the Shanghai International Film Festival
The 17th Shanghai International Film Festival award ceremony, Piaget Piaget brand ambassador, jury chairman Gong Li Jin Jue trophy will be awarded to the directed “Little England” Greek director Pande Aires · Fergus Rees

That night, accompanied by Gong Li appeared on the red carpet at the closing ceremony of the Piaget bright Wah Sang series of fine jewelry and Rolex Replica watches, as well as Piaget Rose Series ring. Dazzling diamond shine sky, light-hui place such as mobile flash of light and shadow. Dressed in dark golden dresses Gong Li, in fine jewelry and watches Piaget Piaget light shine, the radiant, gestures temperament Zoran. Piaget Piaget jewelry masters who continue to pursue the ultimate technology, to create a beautiful work, let the excellent movie star luster, dazzling aesthetic freeze into eternal memory.

Before the closing ceremony began, Gong Li carefully selected to attend the day wearing jewelry and watches, which focused look inferior featured screenplay – it is this focus on the spirit, let her perfect positioning and express the role of interpretation a sentimental, sharp screen image.

As one of the world’s most influential Chinese women actors, Gong Li has won numerous crown. She is a film every event, the most moving silhouette: Gong Li was invited to attend the beginning of the American Independent Spirit Awards, as guests of honor; shortly and bring new “Return” screenings Cannes International Film Festival and won rave reviews; whereas this times of glory helm as president of the jury, “Jin Jue Award”, it is the task and she was awarded the highest honor, for her to make every effort. Gong Li at the closing ceremony of the festival, said: “Yesterday we spent five hours discussing the attribution of prizes for all of our judges, this is an unforgettable journey During the festival, there are a lot of people ask us judges, as a movie. person, a film festival what it means to you? For me, a successful film festival, will not use money to measure the value of a movie, and we do not have the box office confused here, did not affect public opinion and I fully aware of the filmmaker’s respect and equality. “intensive meetings over one week and watch films, discuss final decisions until the award is Gong Li insisted perfect, strict interpretation of artistic attitude final perseverance, but also with Piaget Piaget has always insisted” always do better than required, “the spirit of the brand complement each other.

Movies in Piaget Piaget, has too many memories together and witness. A public skilled, experienced craftsmen in the Swiss Fake Watches UK and jewelery master Piaget Piaget workshop combines traditional techniques and bold designs, carved out these unique masterpieces, their creative process just as brewing a memorable movie, highlighting the artist’s For the ultimate pursuit of the ideal. And always adhere to “always do better than required,” the spirit of the brand Piaget Earl effort over the years has always been the world’s major film events like Xiang, from the American Film Independent Spirit Awards, the Hong Kong Film Awards in Taiwan Golden Horse Film Award for promoting contemporary arts movie made outstanding contributions.