Bulgari Replica Watches For Sale Catene Baguette

— A masterpiece adorned with baguette-cut diamonds, a tribute to 130 years of jewellery-making talent.

Combining its revered skills for jewellery and watchmaking, Bulgari introduces two masterful diamond timepieces, one for men and the other one for women. Today, we will focus on the Bulgari Bulgari Catene Baguette for women.

Sparkling for women is the Bulgari Swiss Replica Watches Catene Baguette, a precious reinterpretation of the original Catene, inspired by a nameplate bracelet. This lustrous take on the playful original features over 800 step-cut baguette diamonds in a single watch, featuring the precision of a Swiss-made quartz movement. Links of 18-carat white gold form the double-band of the lithely sophisticated timepiece,whimsically recalling the classic chain construction.

Bulgari Bulgari Catene Baguette
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The vintage chain, French for “nameplate bracelet,” has been reinterpreted by Bulgari design and restored to its former familiarity. Known to once grace the wrists of goddesses such as Elizabeth Taylor, Anna Magnani and Grace Kelly, the chain is enhanced with timeliness to become the Catene Collection of today. Such sentimentality is now customised as the wrap-around Catene, its flexibility attributed directly to a sophisticated composition.