Blancpain Replica Watches: 2014 Replica Watches UK Hans Hass Fifty Fathoms Award

The Jiaolong submersible

The Historical Diving Society Hans Hass Award Committee in partnership with the Swiss Replica Watches manufacturer Blancpain has the great pleasure to announce that Chinese Professor Cui Weicheng, Research Professor and Dean of the Hadal Science And Technology Center of the Shanghai Ocean University individually, and the Chinese State Oceanic Administration collectively, have won the 2014 Hans Hass Award.

Since 2003, The Hans Hass Award Committee awards an individual who, in the spirit of Professor Hass’ pioneer work in the fields of underwater Science, Technology, Arts and Literature, has excelled at an international level in any of those fields. The former recipients include renowned personalities from the subaquatic world such as Ernie Brooks II, Dr. Sylvia Earle, James Cameron and Laurent Ballesta.

While the Award recognizes the exceptional individual accomplishments of Professor Cui Weicheng, it also acknowledges the essential support of the State Oceanic Administration in the building of the Jiaolong submersible, without which the project could never have succeeded. In view of this, the Committee and Blancpain have, for the first time, decided to award a double prize.

In announcing the winners, Mr. Leslie Leaney and Mr. Krov Menuhin representatives of the Committee made reference to their exceptional level of vision, excellence and leadership in the marine field of deep ocean engineering demonstrated through the building of the Jiaolong submersible, as well as their long term view of the future of manned exploration of the deep sea. Professor Weicheng was project leader of integration and assembly of Jiaolong Submersible as well as being first deputy chief designer and deputy site commander-in-chief of undersea testing, diving to 7,062 meters into the Mariana’s Trench thus setting a new Chinese Replica Rolex Watches UK record.

During the public ceremony in Sanya, China, the winners received a framed cast bronze plaque, designed by ocean artist Wyland, showing an image of Hans Hass from his solo 1949 Red Sea Expedition. In addition, Blancpain was proud to offer them a Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe with an engraved case back specially customized for the “2014 Hans Hass Fifty Fathoms Award”.