Best Quality Vacheron Constantin: exceptional Harmony made in Geneva

— To mark its 260th anniversary, Vacheron Constantin unveils the well-guarded secrets of its new “Harmony” collection. In six leading questions, WorldTempus deciphers the keynotes of this launch that some are already heralding as historic.

What is the essence of the announcement made by Vacheron Constantin replica watches UK?

The official birth of a new full-fledged collection, Harmony. This is an authentic ex nihilo creation and everything presented in this collection has been entirely in-housed developed by Vacheron Constantin as part of this project on which the Manufacture had been working for the past seven years.

Which exact models are being presented?

There are seven in all. Six of them are equipped with new calibres, while the seventh is Calibre 1142, a double-pusher chronograph movement which now meets the Hallmark of Geneva criteria and oiwers a ladies’ replica watches for sale.

While there is a strong focus on the chronograph, with a split-seconds version, a tourbillon chronograph and a bicompax chronograph, the range also features three Dual Time models along with the aforementioned model specifically intended for women.

Harmony tourbillon chronograph model (Calibre 3200).
© Vacheron Constantin Fake Watches UK

Which are the key features of the Harmony aesthetic?

All the models adopt the same stylistic approach:  namely a cushion shape.  Vacheron Constantin drew inspiration from a 1928 chronograph, while reworking all the elements composing it to create the Harmony collection. Each detail, each line, each curve and each characteristic has been rethought as part of a contemporary interpretation of the Vacheron Constantin expertise. The Manufacture has even individually studied the shimmering reflections on the case generated by its own curves!

To sum up, Vacheron Constantin has created an entirely new design following the ‘shape-in-a-shape’ principle and combining a curved case middle, a square bezel and a round  Rolex replica watches crystal. The case is distinguished by its pure and subtly balanced volumes, accentuated by lugs with a streamlined profile ensuring a perfectly flowing look and feel.

What are the salient facts about the new calibres?

There are four entirely new ones: three in the 3000 line (3200, 3300 and 3500), along with the 2460 DT, standing for Dual Time.

The undisputed star of the first line is Calibre 3500, which powers the split-seconds chronograph model, the “Harmony ultra-thin grande complication chronograph”. Its name highlights the fact that this calibre sets a new slimness record, since this self-winding movement is just 5.30 mm thick and is housed in a slender 8.40 mm case. It comprises no less than 459 parts, some of them measuring no more than 3/100th of a millimetre!

Harmony ultra-thin grande complication chronograph model (Calibre 3500).
© Vacheron Constantin

The other essential characteristic of Calibre 3500 is its ballbearing-mounted peripheral oscillating weight. This is the first time in its 260-year long history that Vacheron Constantin has used this system and choice was determined by the possibility of thereby reducing the thickness of the calibre, which is endowed with a 51-hour power reserve.

Calibre 3200 is a hand-wound tourbillon movement distinguished by its regulating organ at 12 o’clock, an unusual position for the Manufacture in particular and within the Swiss replica watches for sale industry in general. It features the brand’s aesthetic signature in the shape of a Maltese cross-shaped tourbillon. The calibre is also a monopusher chronograph movement, driving a power-reserve display at 6 o’clock. Another unusual characteristic is the 45-minute scale on the chronograph instead of the more customary 30-minute version.

Calibre 3300 rounds off this line. It is a pulsimeter chronograph movement entirely in tune with the spirit of the 1920s and 30s. This monopusher model shares two features with the 3200: its power reserve and its 45-minute counter.

Harmony chronograph model (Calibre 3300).
© Replica Vacheron Constantin Watches

Finally, Calibre 2460DT is the last all-new movement marking the launch of the Harmony collection. It clearly differs from the others by its dual time display positioned between 4 and 5 o’clock, along with a day/day indicator between 8 and 9 o’clock bearing a gold sun and moon. It is to date the only one developed for the Harmony collection that is not a chronograph movement. Unfortunately, this self-winding calibre has a rather small 40-hour power reserve. It will be used for three Dual Time models (two for men and one for women).

Dual Time model (Calibre 2460DT), and its day/night indicator between 7 and 8 o’clock.
© Vacheron Constantin

Which materials have been used?

All are in gold apart from the two flagship models: the ultra-thin grande complication chronograph (cal. 3500) and the tourbillon chronograph (cal. 3200), which are both made of platinum. However, all without exception will be issued in limited editions of 10 and 26 respectively for the two platinum models, 260 for all the simple chronographs and between 500 and 625 for the Dual Time fake watches UK. The two flagship models (cal. 3500 and 3200) will be exclusively available from boutiques.

What about the finishes?

All of these timepieces are certified by the Hallmark of Geneva. These first limited series will be treated to specific decorations. By way of example, the peripheral oscillating weight of the ultra-thin grande complication chronograph bears a dedicated scrolling pattern that will be picked up on all the Harmony models. This motif, also called “fleurisanne engraving”, is inspired by the arabesques adorning the balance-cock of the oldest pocket replica Rolex watches from the Manufacture, dating from 1755 and bearing the signature of Jean-Marc Constantin.

Just for the record, it is also worth noting that all models are delivered with a watchmaker’s loupe, a brochure specifically dedicated to the Harmony collection and a 260th anniversary celebration letter signed by Vacheron Constantin’s CEO, Juan-Carlos Torres.