A. Lange & Söhne New apprentices

— On 25 August 2014, twenty young women and men began their watchmaking apprenticeship at A. Lange & Söhne Replica Watches.

The Saxon watch brand’s new training year just began for 20 young women and men. They will be initiated into the secrets of Lange watchmaking artistry during a period of three years. Additionally, two apprentices signed up for training as toolmakers.

A white lab coat with the A. Lange & Söhne signature is mandatory from the very first day. In the coming three years, the new apprentices will learn to assemble and repair mechanical movements, from alarm clocks and grandfather clocks to pocket watches and modern wrist Breitling Replica watches. They will craft their own tools and at the end of their apprenticeships demonstrate their abilities by building a mechanical wristwatch.

A year has passed since they applied for their apprenticeship positions. Previously, at trade fairs and in internships, the youngsters had gained hands-on impressions of what watchmakers do at their workbenches. After passing a comprehensive aptitude test, they were able to sign their employment contracts in January 2014 and then focus on their school-leaving examinations.

Lange CEO Wilhelm Schmid: “To manufacture our highly complext imepieces, we need qualified individuals. That is why we invest in in-house training, which allows us to define the benchmarks and the career milestones. The new apprentices are superbly schooled and highly motivated”. At A. Lange & Söhne Swiss Replica Watches, the aspiring watchmakers benefit from excellent working conditions in a separate building and guaranteed employment for those who achieve grade 2 or better.

Registrations for apprenticeships that begin in 2015 are now being accepted. The first aptitude tests are scheduled for November.

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