A Feast For Replica Tag Heuer Watches Fans – Heuer Globetrotter Exhibition Opens!

A unprecedented feast for Tag Heuer fans

Classic always made people live, most people love the new Heuer Globetrotter exhibition that TAG Heuer launched earlier today. The TAG gathered 400 of the most collectible classic TAG Heuer replica watches UK from whole world to exhibit in 10 cities for the next 15 days. Rather than making one traveling exhibition, as one would logically expect, the brand organized 10 exhibitions all over the world, each with an all star line-up in relation to a theme picked by local collectors in every single city.

All the watches came from TAG collectors

Beyond all question, the scale of the Heuer Globetrotter exhibition is remarkable: It is very rare to see a brand able to gather hundreds of its vintage pieces from various sources, especially in a tactical way like this. It is even rarer, however, to see the collector community so closely involved in a brand-coordinated event of this scale. The watches exhibited do not solely come from TAG Heuer’s Museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds – a significant share come from private collectors who trusted TAG with their watches for the duration of the exhibition. In itself, this is a testimony of the strong relationship that TAG Heuer has built with vintage collectors, notably through events like the Heuer Collectors Summit, which we covered in 2013 and 2016.

The collectors’ role was more central than just providing vintage pieces, as 10 collectors actually curated the entire exhibition themselves, with one local handling each location. This has resulted in 10 different themes for the individual exhibitions, creating the opportunity to see some outstanding vintage watches that might have remained hidden in collections for years (and which will return there in two short weeks). Examples of themes include connections to Formula 1 (Singapore), which features a yellow gold Carrera gifted to Ferrari drivers and the Heuer Monaco’s place in history (Paris), which includes an actual Heuer Monaco worn by Steve McQueen in the movie Le Mans.

Slim dials fake TAG Heuer watches UK.

Last for long time

The Heuer Globetrotter exhibition starts yesterday, September 16, in Geneva, Paris, Munich, Venice, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Tokyo. Each local TAG Heuer fake limited edition watches boutique will play host until September 30. Note that Miami was initially included in the program, but the exhibition has been rescheduled to February 2018 due to Hurricane Irma.

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